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We have witnessed a dramatic digital transformation where robots have restructured the way of doing tedious manual tasks. The software world is now adopting this through Robotic Process Automation or RPA.

What is “Robotic Process Automation” [RPA]?

In simple terms, RPA is a software technology that is a union of machine learning and artificial intelligence targeting automation of tedious – repetitive business tasks. Robotic automation processes enable an easier way to build, implement and manage software robots that form a part of the “digital workforce” that can communicate with any system or application.

Tagged benefits of Robotic Process Automation:

RPA offers to businesses much-needed cost savings, speed of processing, and even accuracy. These mainstream benefits of RPA change the dynamics of enterprise operations, thereby making it a focal point of a digital transformation journey. RPA results in a beneficial snowball effect across different businesses because of its remarkable offerings.These mainstream benefits of RPA change the dynamics of enterprise operations, thereby making it a focal point of several enterprise’s digital transformation journey.

Productivity Booster:

The processes are executed quicker and with high precision. RPA portrays scalability by fulfilling the evolving requirements on businesses.With tasks being automated, employees can focus on strategic initiatives benefiting the organization.

Non-Invasive Technology:

In instances of continuing with legacy systems, RPA technology leverages the current systems. Automation of routine tasks is ensured along with the fundamental technology program being the same.


With RPA, there is minimal contact between employees and sensitive data and hence the chances of compliance issues are sidelined. It also helps in maintaining an audit trail history.

Exploring some popular Robotic Process Automation tools:

Having a watch for digitization, now the question is how do we embed robotic automation technology in to our businesses? The answer lies within the different intelligent products that facilitate robotic process automation services.

Automation Anywhere is an innovative and robust RPA platform offering cloud-native, AI-driven and web-based facilities for automation.

Differentiating factors :

i. Provides a developer friendly work platform.
ii. IQ bot automatically categorizes, extracts and authenticates data from documents and email threads.
iii. Offers web-based control room for hassle-free and systematic maintenance, scheduling and execution of bots.
iv. Supports multi-user and multi-device features.

UiPath is an industry popular automation suite platform offering end-to-end automation solutions for business transformations.

Differentiating factors :

i. Facilitates both attended (initiated by user actions) and unattended (executed on defined schedules or provoked by logic in the process flow) automation.
ii. 300+ built in automation modules aiding extensive automation solutions.
iii. Provides a user-friendly dashboard with easy drag and drop feature.
iv. Supports browser and mobile accessibility.

Microsoft Power Platform is a constructive set of applications that empower business intelligence, process automation, data analytics and virtual agents.

Differentiating factors :

i. Offers an ‘enterprise-grade’ platform making business process management easy.
ii. Furnishes a code-free platform making it friendly for non-tech users.
iii. It is a single suite catering robust analysis,progress,design and automation. This rules-out the need for 3rd party dependencies.
iv. Apps on Power Platform can be used on any device ensuring device compatibility and remote working.
v. Equipped with Office 365 integration facilitating seamless data management and daily business process.

Appian is a versatile company offering PaaS [platform as a service] for developing applications & workflows. Appian RPA is an attribute of the Appian platform used for automating repetitive and rules-oriented processes.

Differentiating factors :

i. Allows quick BOT building & execution with the help of built-in design tools and reliable cloud domain.
ii. Provides both Windows & Linux environments for automation deployment resulting in efficiency surge.
iii. Supports dynamic case management, ad-hoc actions, no-code policy and AI, thereby easing complex process automation.

Why choose Codenatives?

We at Codenatives believe that adopting RPA into business operations will result in boundless growth. Investments in automation tools become worthy only when handled by a superlative team in this domain. Codenatives RPA experts are certified in the leading RPA platforms. In addition, Codenatives is also IBM certified partners with certified RPA specialists in IBM Platform offerings. We have helped customers across different business areas in scaling up their automation, develop & maintain existing BOTs in RPA platforms, offer RPA and AI tool recommendation based on business requirement evaluation, hence delivering optimal solutions.

Codenatives Data & AI team has a history of empowering business intelligence through improved data visualizations, data warehousing, governance, and its quality, better enterprise reporting, performance dashboards, and self-service reporting and analytics (Adhoc) in 50+ project engagements since 2020. We also provide high-grade training in robotic process automation tools to build a proficient skill pool for providing RPA services and solutions. RPA professionals at Codenatives have expertise in several robotic automation software and have helped customers across multiple domains.

We have recently helped automate mundane processes such as insurance claim processing, billing, consolidating data from different sources, report generation, and auditing with insurance. We also handled virtual assistance and integration with their enterprise tools.

Now, many organizations are driving towards digital transformation and adopting robotic process automation for its unlimited benefits. There is a want for a technology that can take automation across all business areas and guarantee success in the long run. Codenatives stand by the side of their customers in supporting and discovering excellent automation opportunities and managing automated workflows.

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