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A recent survey says Shopify attracts more transactions than Amazon in the recent past, so we believe eCommerce is not just a platform but a prudent capital investment for the success of your business. Having 100,000+ person hours of technology delivery capability in the web/e-commerce space, we recommend our clients to have the right kind of technology support to attain maximum yield in their online store. Our two new Avatars, Shopⓔbuilder & Shopⓔkeeper, are available 24X7 to provide a world-class shopping experience to your clients. Shopⓔbuilder & Shopⓔkeeper are virtual assistants backed up by tech experts in Shopify / Shopify Plus and related eCommerce technologies. They also come with plenty of lessons learned & best practices to help you increase your sales and achieve maximum ROI from your SHOPIFY platform. While we focus on maximizing your business results, we will let you go and confidently expand your business in new geographies, launch new products, etc.

1. Shop-e-builder 2. Shop-e-keeper 3. Shop-e-Advisor
  • Build new store
  • Upgrade existing store
  • Build integrations with backend systems like ERP
  • Build front-end pages,
  • Build/customize themes
  • Build / customize catalogs
  • Maintain themes, modify / upload
  • Maintain catalogs up to date with new, available products
  • Update catalogs with price, discount etc
  • Run patches, updates regularly
  • Run reports
  • SEO services etc.
  • Architechture / Technology consulting
  • Staffing the Design / Development efforts

At Codentives, we’ve delivered numerous high quality web/ecommerce solutions for our customers in an aggressive timeline at a much lower cost than our competitors and our Virtual Assistants bring all that wealth of experience to deployment and increase the sales of your SHOPIFY Store .

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