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End-to-End Quality Engineering  & Assurance

Revamp your organization’s approach to quality management with Codenatives Quality Engineering and Assurance. Streamline, modernize, and fortify your legacy systems with our comprehensive QA capabilities. Our aim aligns with yours — to cultivate a business empowered by intuitive, agile quality systems that enhance speed, adaptability, and customer satisfaction through an integrated ecosystem driven by intelligent, automated QE&A. This assurance serves as a catalyst for increased adoption rates, as customers are more inclined to embrace and champion offerings that consistently provide a superior and hassle-free experience. This, in turn, enhances customer adoption and reinforces end-user acceptance.

Comprehensive Quality Management

Our services span Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Quality Engineering. We integrate our thorough quality monitoring process into our development lifecycle, following a proactive “shift left” strategy to validate all deliverables at any SDLC stage.

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Advanced Automation Capabilities

We utilize extensive automation tools and frameworks, with a focus on the Robot Framework, which seamlessly integrates with libraries like Selenium, Builtin, Collections, AutoIT, FlaUI, Browser, and Requests. Our skilled automation engineers utilize Robot Framework’s IDE (RIDE) and PyCharm for scripting, ensuring efficient and effective test script development.

AI Integration

Our intelligent automation expertise extends to new-age technologies such as AI and ML, optimizing their use to drive automation.  We leverage the Robot Framework for functional automation and utilize tools like axe and AUDio Widget to ensure ADA compliance in all our deliverables.

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Feedback-Driven Excellence

In our pursuit of quality management excellence, our feedback loop is a cornerstone—a robust asset in our customer-centric approach. We prioritize customer satisfaction by actively collecting and addressing their feedback, ensuring that every iteration of our products undergoes comprehensive quality checks. This dedication to continuous improvement is fueled by customer input, seamlessly integrated into our development cycle. We maintain a strong emphasis on adhering to industry best practices and undergo regular audits to validate our commitment to quality and compliance. 

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Client Engagement

Customer Issues

Actionable Insights

Continuous Monitoring

Accessibility Audits

Continuous Imrovement

Quality And Compliance

Our business process assurance solutions are designed for efficiency that aligns with the rapid pace of business.

We provide a streamlined, industry-aligned approach to ensure the end-to-end quality and compliance of essential IT components for brand protection.

Our offering encompasses the assurance of business processes, system robustness, regulatory and ADA compliance, and operational readiness.

Modernization Assurance

We provide an Integrated Automation Platform, leveraging BOTs for predictive Quality Assurance (QA).

Our comprehensive testing covers API, microservices, and application technology platforms.

For cloud platform assurance, we ensure a ‘first-time-right’ approach for cloud migrations, cloud-native applications, and cloud-based platforms. Our extensive partner ecosystem allows us to deploy products in cloud infrastructure, including ESA, CMS, and CRM, based on product team configuration recommendations.

CX Assurance

We assist businesses in unifying CX objectives, delivering top-notch digital products.

We follow leading QA methodologies, and visualizing quantitative results via business, marketing, and IT metrics.

Quality Engineering

Drawing from over 12 years of dedicated Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A) expertise across various industries—manufacturing, healthcare, retail, finance, and websites.

Our in-house testing experts specialize in tailoring precise quality assurance solutions. Our QE offerings accelerate Agile and DevOps release cycles through automated test orchestration, risk identification, and AI-driven zero-touch testing, ensuring rapid feature releases with integrity and brand protection. Our approach empowers clients to excel in software development.

By implementing Agile methodologies, continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD), and shift-left strategies, we seamlessly integrate quality into every development phase.

Data Management

In today’s fast-paced world of DevOps and Agile methodologies, timely risk identification and release readiness are critical. We automate data provisioning processes to align with your business requirements, ensuring data compliance with regulations and availability across various test environments.

Our Data Management team, comprising business analysts, data transformation experts, and test automation engineers, is dedicated to delivering a seamless customer experience. Our testing process benefits from using test management tools like TestRail, Zephyr, and qTest.

In case of any issues or failures, we efficiently document defects with detailed information and screenshots. Our standardized mitigation report templates and defect-tracking tools like Jira, Bugzilla, or Trello streamline issue logging and management. 

CX Testing

Our meticulous manual testing covers GUI, browser, OS, device, CMS, and WordPress checklist testing. We record even the smallest defects. Trust us for thorough testing across various domains, including web and mobile applications, enterprise cloud services, and websites.Know More

Intelligent Automation Suites

Quality Assurance Enhanced with quality engineering Automation suites. We employ the potent Robot Framework, seamlessly integrating with Selenium Library and Builtin. we offer specialized training for your team to maximize our automation framework’s effectiveness.Know More

Specialized Quality Assurance

Enhance Application Performance for Reliable Results. Our domain expertise in testing disruptive, modern applications ensures they perform flawlessly under real-world conditions. Avoid revenue loss and protect your brand’s credibility with responsive load testing automation.Know More

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