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The Power of Hybrid Mobile App Development

Many businesses continue to be interested in cross-platform apps since native apps for iOS and Android are more expensive to develop and maintain. However, they differ significantly in code maintenance, development speed, app performance, costs, and other parameters. The inconsistent behavior of UI components and sluggish animations are key drawbacks of most cross-platform frameworks.

Contrary to this popular opinion is Flutter, a hybrid mobile app development framework developed by Google. Flutter as a hybrid app development framework outperforms several other competing frameworks and seamlessly integrates native device components directly without requiring a JavaScript bridge. When we compare native development to Flutter, we can see that it provides excellent scalability and also a great user experience. Flutter’s layered architecture allows you to control/manipulate any pixel on the screen. As a result, customizing Flutter is a breeze. Dynamic overlay and animation of graphics, text, video, and other controls are some of its strong capabilities.

With over two decades of industry expertise, Codenatives is an early adopter of hybrid development techniques and frameworks such as Flutter.

A client in Sydney, Australia, was required to upgrade their legacy mobile app developed in native mobile technology that had inconsistencies due to platform variations. Upon studying the requirements, Codenatives recommended the Flutter framework for development.

The upgrade addressed these discrepancies while also bringing new capabilities to the program. Despite having to rewrite the existing application, the client weighed the options and agreed that this would be the best solution for the longer run. The requirements were quickly translated into screens and the logic for each screen was coded efficiently by the development team. Flutter’s core abilities such as the ability to have multiple widgets embedded helped to customize and create reusable components which improves the overall development process.

Using Flutter, this project was completed by the team at Codenatives mobile development team in half the estimated development time and resulted in saving over 40% of the actual estimated development cost.

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