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Data and AI Services

Turn Data into actionable intelligence and scale your business to new levels

Data Analytics and AI Services

Data engineering and AI services are pivotal for success, transforming decision-making from user behavior analysis to profit projection. With expert tag deployment and tracking, business owners gain insights into customer interests and shape feature development. Our dedicated data engineering team handles vast data volumes to optimize business value chains.

Data Engineering Services

We handle massive data volumes from IoT sensors, eCommerce, social media, CRM, and TMS platforms daily. Our skilled Data Engineering team creates robust infrastructure, efficient data cleansing, and optimization processes to extract actionable insights for your business success.

We integrate scalable solutions with your current data architecture to kickstart your data modernization journey, streamlining data preparation with automated workflows and modern data fabric.

Data Analytics Consultation


Business Enhancement

Precise conversion rate analysis and fraud detection



Modern data architecture with automated workflows.


Business Intelligence

Strategic BI evolution towards advanced Analytics.


Feature Alignment

User journey optimization and feature alignment.


AI Model Integration

Integration of advanced AI models for prediction analysis


Integration with Analytics Tools

Compatibility with analytics and reporting tools like Power BI and Google Dashboards.


Strategy Reporting

Interactive dashboards and data-driven MicroStrategy reports for stakeholders

Our Services

Cloud Data Platform Transformation

Data Operations Solutions Services

Data Modernization and Enhancement Services

ML Operational Intelligence Services

Generative and Predictive AI Serices

Data Platform Management Services

Cloud Data Platform Transformation

Codenatives empowers organizations to harness the full potential of cloud data warehouses and data lakes while pioneering cloud-first architectural solutions. Our comprehensive cloud data management services facilitate the acquisition, storage, and analysis of vast data volumes, delivering exceptional real-time data analytics performance. With our team of expert data analysts, organizations can optimize costs, streamline resource allocation, and craft a strategic approach to cloud adoption.

Data Operation Solution Services

Our accelerators swiftly operationalize modern cloud-based data platforms, encompassing Data Ops essentials like data ingestion, provisioning, cataloging, quality assurance, testing, and deployment. Automated DataOps enhances data availability, accessibility, and integration, fostering synergy among individuals, processes, and technology for consistent, top-tier data accessible to all stakeholders. This collaborative approach revolutionizes data flow development, driving innovation in analytics models and intelligence systems.

Data Modernization and Enhancement Services

We expedite the adoption of a cutting-edge data foundation, eliminating obstacles while improving data accessibility, precision, and timeliness. Leveraging our data frameworks, extensive expertise, and strong partnerships with top hyperscalers and data technology providers, we empower you to cultivate fresh data-driven capabilities and position your business to unlock the full potential of AI.

ML Operational Intelligence Services

Codenatives empower businesses with MLOps for tailored solutions, focusing on streamlined automated ML lifecycles, robust governance and monitoring, workforce insights, smarter finances, smarter procurement in your SCM, AI/ML workflows, and effortless model deployments.

AI Generative and Predictive Services

Looking ahead, we envision integrating advanced AI models, including regression, time series, random forests, neural networks, and clustering algorithms, to enhance various use cases like demand forecasting, sales prediction, sentiment analysis, dynamic pricing, personalized recommendations, churn predictions, future sales projections, marketing insights, and cross-channel customer understanding.

Data Platform Management Services

We offer comprehensive data platform management, encompassing source integration, data pipeline management, and API management for data consumers. Our versatile data visualization solutions support various data formats and structures, helping you uncover patterns, identify trends, and transform your data into informative charts and graphs.

Customer Insights

Keeping a pulse on customer expectations is crucial to attracting and retaining customers. Online experiences matter the most, and technology allows for granular analysis of customer preferences. Customer insights allow businesses to treat customers the way they should be, as individuals and not as segmented groups.

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IBM Service Offerings

AI adoption is now essential for businesses, and IBM is at the forefront of designing customer-centric solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies. We offer a wide range of IBM technology expertise, from Data and Analytics to AI services. Explore the flyer for more details on our IBM services.

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PowerBI Analytics & Reporting

PowerBI’s excellence in data analytics for retail e-commerce lies in its ability to transform data into actionable insights, offering real-time updates, personalized customer insights, efficient inventory management, competitive analysis, and cost-effective solutions.Learn More

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