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CX Testing

Empowering Deliverables with Unparalleled Quality

Quality Engineering As A Service

Our extensive Quality Engineering expertise guarantees flawless application performance across every micro-interaction, enhancing customer engagement, conversion rates, and satisfaction. We streamline cycle times, influencing favorable customer-centric decisions and consistently elevating satisfaction scores. By accelerating development velocity and ensuring top-tier quality, we optimize interactions between people, processes, and systems.

Our commitment to ease of access for all users is paramount. We prioritize inclusivity and ADA compliance, ensuring the highest standards of quality for all deliverables. Clients can leverage our capabilities to seamlessly integrate a ‘shift-left’ approach, enabling them to check their products at any time and at any stage of the development process, further enhancing their quality and user experience.

Resolution Evaluation

Assessing performance across different screen resolutions, including desktop, mobile, tablet, and widescreen.

WordPress Checklist Review

Verifying adherence to WordPress best practices for user and designer benefit.

End-to-End Functional Testing

Maximize Test Coverage, Speed to Market, and Customer Satisfaction.

Cloud Applications

Elevate Cloud Testing for unique challenges related to data security, integration, migration plans and application performance

GUI/Usability Assessment

Ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Browser Compatibility Verification

Confirming compatibility across various web browsers.

OS Compatibility Verification

Checking compatibility across diverse operating systems.

Back-end CMS Validation:

Ensuring the integrity of the content management system.

APIs Check with JSON/XML Payload

Our Expertise in Agile, DevOps, and API Testing Drives Omnichannel Excellence.

Test Program Management

Experience exceptional testing with our QA team, covering API, end-to-end customer experience, automation, and specialized testing. We tailor strategies, follow best practices, and provide detailed reports on SLAs, KPIs, resource management, and project costing.

Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures superior-quality, release-ready software, enhancing customer adoption and reducing maintenance costs. Leverage our DevOps solution to accelerate software delivery and achieve an exceptional customer experience.

We excel in reducing defect leakage, adapting to changing requirements, and delivering at speed. Our comprehensive reports include people management, test management, metrics, forecasts, billing, and contract management.

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