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Codenatives recently demonstrated expertise in family financial and investment advisory by delivering a remarkable project for a leading financial firm. Focused on Microsoft Power BI, the project enhanced data accuracy, reduced latency issues, and showcased cost-effective execution in the dynamic world of financial advisory.

The COO’s department at our client’s firm grappled with significant data management challenges, including issues with date ordering in reports, limited interactive exploration, and integration complexities with budget data. To address these, we implemented solutions for accurate date ordering, enhanced interactive exploration, and seamless budget integration, providing a comprehensive resolution to the client’s data management concerns.


1. Ordering of Dates

Ensured correct ordering of dates in both the Dashboard and Scorecard pages for improved readability and accuracy of time-sensitive financial data.


2. Drill-Through Feature

Enabled a drill-through feature in the main dashboard, providing users with the ability to explore specific data points for a deeper understanding of financial data.

3. Conditional Rendering

Implemented conditional rendering on the Scorecard page, allowing for a dynamic display of data and highlighting key metrics and trends crucial for decision-making.

4. AR and WIP Calculations

Integrated advanced calculations for Accounts Receivable (AR) and Work In Progress (WIP) with conditional rendering, enhancing understanding of the financial health of the firm.

5. Incorporating Budget

Merged budget data from an Excel spreadsheet into the Power BI dashboard, ensuring accurate reflection and interaction with existing financial data.


6. Optimized Financial Visualization:

Automatically reflected Excel budget updates in Power BI, reducing manual data entry time. Implemented enhanced conditional rendering for instant visual insights.


Our work revolutionized the client’s approach to financial data analysis. The Power BI solution provided a more interactive, accurate, and insightful data analysis experience. The COO’s department can now make faster, data-driven decisions, thanks to the enhanced clarity and immediacy of information.

At Codenatives, we believe in delivering excellence without exorbitant costs. This project was a testament to that belief. This allowed us to deliver this solution in a cost-effective manner, much to the satisfaction of our client.


Our successful project with the COO’s department exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality, cost-effective tech solutions. Utilizing Microsoft Power BI, we not only addressed immediate data challenges for our clients but also equipped them with tools for sustainable, long-term success in the competitive field of financial advisory services. Our leadership in providing innovative and efficient tech solutions, particularly in complex financial data management, highlights our ongoing dedication to empowering businesses to leverage their data for informed decision-making and growth.

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