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Intelligent Automation Suites

Elevate Efficiency, Precision, and Reliability with AI-Powered Automation Framework

Our Automation Framework

Our platform seamlessly becomes an integral part of your software development life cycle (SDLC) and workflow, ensuring a constant delivery of high-quality digital experiences that elevate your connected customer interactions. Through the adoption of the latest automation tools, we inject speed and efficiency, allowing rapid validation of deliverables. Our industry-focused proficiency adeptly leverages state-of-the-art technologies such as AI and ML to drive streamlined automation processes. Additionally, our automation framework seamlessly integrates into your Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines, through a shift-left approach.

AI-Based Testing

Detect anomalies or unexpected behavior through AI algorithms.

Recording Playback Tools

Execute recorded scripts as part of automated testing.

RPA for Repeated Tasks

Monitor RPA execution and handle exceptions as needed

QA Design Automation

Codenative’s testing process combines collaborative design and risk-based case coverage. We utilize visual workflows to graphically capture business logic, facilitating the rapid auto-generation of cases and automation scripts. Our framework of choice is Robot Framework, which seamlessly integrates with various libraries like Selenium, AutoIT, and FlaUI, depending on project needs.

We follow a keyword-driven approach to enhance script readability and maintainability.  We offer our services through a convenient consultation model. You can utilize our support to train your team, implement their tools, and establish an efficient testing process.

Robotic process automation

Quality Engineering Services

Our Managed Services tailor strategies to diverse industries and technology landscapes. Our automation framework integrates seamlessly into your CI/CD pipelines, making quality assurance an integral part of your development process. Our scalable automated approach supports the regression model to ensure no adversities in the existing functionalities.

Data Provisioning And Governance

We establish an automated data provisioning process tailored to your business needs, ensuring data compliance with all regulatory requirements across various test environments. Codenative’s Data Management experts, including business analysts, and test automation engineers, prioritize delivering an exceptional connected customer experience.

To uphold precision and consistency, our automation scripts are regularly maintained, staying aligned with any changes in the application’s interface and functionality. We execute automated quality control procedures on a weekly basis to sustain a high standard of quality assurance and promptly identify any issues.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

We rigorously incorporate ADA compliance using the Axe tool, conducting a comprehensive 360-degree evaluation of digital interfaces. By scrutinizing applications across diverse scenarios, we achieve A and AA ADA compliance levels, ensuring accessibility to individuals with disabilities. Our commitment extends to providing descriptive tags for images, aiding screen readers, and employing assistive technologies like NVDA and VoiceOver for individuals with cognitive impairments, ensuring inclusive and accessible digital experiences.

Benefits of Our Automation Service


Supports multiple test automation libraries

Ease of Use

Keyword-driven testing simplifies maintenance

Early Mitigation

Fast defect management reports to counter bugs


Ensures consistent performance across browsers

Cost Saving

Reduce Capital Expenditure, Simplify Projects

Speedy Time-to-Market

Achieve faster staging

Documentation and Support

  • Detailed Client Reporting: We create visual reports that offer insights into test results, highlighting areas of success and any identified issues. Clear and transparent reporting is fundamental to our quality control process.
  • Training and Support: We offer training and support to your team, ensuring they can leverage our automation framework for ongoing testing and quality assurance.

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