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  • Importance of Business Transparency

    Business Transparency !!! Transparency is about being open, honest, and accountable. It’s about responsibility. Clients are listening to you and making evaluations and decisions based upon what you say, and as such, it’s important to take responsibility for the messaging you put out there. For those looking to refine their social media messaging, here are…

  • Brand Building

    From data analysis of marketers over the internet & from the analytical research methodology from experts in Codenatives, I have discovered that the greatest challenge that marketers struggle with is Brand Building. So I came across some great advice from people and brands who have seen amazing success with getting their brand in front of the crowd through content, social networks, and creativity. Let’s learn…

  • Employee Engagement Survey-To know your team's super powers

    An important tool that helps firms identify their Employment brand is an employee engagement survey based on the 10 steps of engagement listed below. These steps will help you determine why & what type of people work for your company. This becomes important intelligence as you create your employment brand. 1. Link your engagement efforts…